Thursday, December 16, 2004

Music to one of the otorhinolaryngological organs

Today, I learn a new word. When I first read the word - otorhinolaryngological, the context made me think of something wonderfully unreachable. It still remains unpronounciable. On googling, found that thankfully, it pertains to something far simpler. It relates to study of eyes, nose and throat. Duh!

Nevertheless, I think, Tom Wolfe deserves the award.

Anyway, just heard this song, Wherever you will go by The Calling. Actually, had heard strains of it earlier (I think it plays in Love Actually trailers), but this time, on a certain recommendation, gave it a twice over. I would recommend it highly.

If you are a music freak, you ought to be aware of all the mp3 blogs out there. Earlier, it was just the music sites, I would browse - like mp3shits (read mp3s hits), mp3dimension, but these started getting increasingly erratic and irritating, hence, haven’t ventured there for a long time. Mp3 blogs are blogs with links to directly download mp3. Normally, these sites dont host the songs (how many blogs can allow so much space). But the bloggers know where the downloads are available and they just link to the right page/song. Most of the blogs are dedicated to just one type of music, and are about highly personal tastes. Still there are gems out there that have universal appeal. Won’t it be good to have a consolidated list of all such blogs? Well, take heart, there is. br>

My personal favorite is open dir. No frills mp3 download. What more can you ask for? A Hindi mp3 aggregator, you say!!
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