Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Leftover days

Mom and sis are away on a mini tirth yatra. Actually they are visiting Asthavinayak along with my aunts (all 4 of them), 2 uncles, and 2 cousins. Quite a racket, isnt it. So, that has me and dad alone at home for 2 days. We had to make do with left-over chicken and rice.

Anyway, today, she will be back, so no more stale food.

Today is also delivery of the data model, before it is sent for final onsite review. So, quite busy with that as well.

Still have to find some time for the Mumbai marathon. Actually I am going to run the half marathon, but lets just skip the half part, while telling people. The half marathon is 21.097 kms. So, its still not any easy task. I started practising since this Monday. I get a good feeling about this, because yesterday ran approx 5 kms (ofcourse stopping/walking for a while), but still no major cramping or muscle ache. Still, the practice has to be continuous and focused.

Let's hope for the best!!
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