Wednesday, December 22, 2004

A Tyrovial Pursuit

I need to give an explanation as to why the name "A Tyrovial Pursuit". What does google say tyrovial is?. Well, that tyrovial doesnt exist.

I came across this word in IITM, when I was attending a quiz to welcome all the freshers. Of course, as is true with most IIT events, there were hardly any Mtechs (matkas as the JEE qualified would say). The quiz master told one funda that they follow in quizzes - that they should be guessable. Now, you have to attend an IIT quiz to understand what guessable stands for. You have the most bizzare questions about the most obscure fields of arts, science, history, whatever. Like... who composed Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (Mozart), connect Silence of the Lambs and Salvador Dali ("Salvador Dali was a cannibal and..." No!! You silly, the poster of the movie is inspired by one of his paintings), well anything and everything between big bang and the big kiss (Kareena-Shahid) that you or any sane person would miss (as in not remember). But never any straight forward GK questions. Like... Which is the biggest star in the known universe that doesnt throw an attitude? (not quite but you get the picture)

So, the guy said that this was such a quiz - guessable. Going by any typical IIT quizzer's forte - trivia, the quiz should be called trivial pursuit - a very well known phrase. But since, we were all newbies there and probably, would be found majorly wanting, we were the tyros. Hence Tyrovial Pursuit.

Now, I quite like the word tyrovial coz it conveys the essence so perfectly. A Tyrovial Pursuit would be an activity taken with passion and enthusiasm, but where you may not be the most adept. But you like and enjoy it and that's why you do it. Only after you do it over and over, do you get hang of it.

I am tyring to a get a hang of it.
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