Friday, December 10, 2004

i.e. Expose'

Indian Express continues to show the way for other newspapers, by unrelenting investigation and analysis about really about breaking problems plaguing India and the mind-numbing insensitivity with which polticians like Dharam Singh try to ignore/hide them. Just look at this.

Just look at the silly reasons for their ignoring the infrastructure problems. Because the government doesnt have enough ministers. They havent been able to expand due to the bittern infighting between Congress and JD. Then BATF, headed by Nilekani which was doing good work to help improve infrastructure problems was royally ignored. The reason being that it was formed by S.M. Krishna and Deve Gowda hates him. His son is in power, so cold shoulder to BATF. Gowda son even had the gall to accuse the IT bigwigs of doing nothing about the problem. Ha!

India certainly needs more IEs (and no TOIs!!). Also, looks like Sonia also was perturbed by the problem and had pulled Mr Dharam, who's gone naram and is on a massive PR exercise.
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