Thursday, December 23, 2004

Run while I can...

1/2 marathon training is coming along quite well. I was afraid my knee would give way, as has suffered an awful hamstring injury during my Harishchandragad trek. Thankfully, it is holding up well. I also had a slight back and neck problem a couple of years back. Esp with the neck, it would recur once a month and I would be a funny sight, pivoting my whole body around, instead of just turning my neck around, for simple tasks. All of these did trouble me for a long time though.

Thankfully, the body still retains self-healing abilities and the injuries have disappeared over time.

Still, for a rookie like me, 21.097 might as well be without the decimal. It remains a herculean task. That's what stops me from getting complacent. In training, haven't yet exceeded 7 km. The target is certainly not hop, skip and jump away

Again tomorrow, I am off to Alibag, so break from training for 2 days atleast. And then few days later, it's year end bash in the car park - my jogging haunt. So, looks like training going for a toss this year end. Well...

Meanwhile, the world's smallest baby was born some time back, along with her slightly larger twin. I suppose the father could put her in his shirt pocket while carrying her around.

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