Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Analyze this

Increasingly, I am getting this worm (kidA)to write about certain things in today's world that bug me (who gets prize for mentioning insect synonyms thrice in one line?). However, cant seem to get a decent flow, structure and conviction to my arguments.

One of them, is about how the complete hold and propagation of English is killing our identity (How totally ironical that I express this in English). How increasingly, it is getting difficult to express complex thoughts (some of which may lead to new breakthroughs - not actual innovations, just new way of looking at things) in our mother tongue. Esp. I believe, Indians continue to be conservative and dogmatic in reasoning, not only by nature, but also because most havent mastered a single language enough to bring out any path-breaking thought and worse, even if we do, we are not able to express it clearly and convincely

I know, I know, its difficult for me (victim of the Dual regime, myself)to convince you. But this argument holds some water. Well, until, I succeed in finding it, you are spared of a lengthy discourse about the "Harms of Dual Language Policy"

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