Thursday, November 04, 2004

And the result is out

Bush won the elections. For the sake of continuity, its good. But it might increase the threat to intelligence and peace-mongering (Ha!) the world over. Anyway, I like the graciousness with which, both the parties, Bush and Kerry ended it. When Ohio and New Mexico were proving to take a long time to resolve, but clearly indicating that Bush was going to win, Kerry backed out and accepted defeat. Bush congratulated Kerry on running a fierce and spirited campaign. I was very becoming of them, to acknowledge the opponent after it was all over.

I was also struck by the focus on issues throughout the entire campaign and how a single line of thought binds the entire campaign all through. For Bush, it was unamibuiguity in policy( vis-a-vis Kerry's so called flip-flop), determination to fight the terrorists at whatever cost and of course conservatism. As for Kerrry, it was economy, World Consensus while fighting the WOT and Health Plan. When they spoke (Bush of course less coherently then Kerry), it was a argument based statistics and proven/provable facts- yes sometimes twisted to suit one's end. But still, far better than debates that happen in Indian Political milieu. Here its more like hoodlums slinging mud or even worse even on prime time TV. No one allows the other to speak and shouting is thought of a trusted way to win any argument. Facts and figures hardly come in the way of trying to prove a point. Totally irrelevant issues are created and raked up (Savarkar, National Flag, Afzalkhan's tomb, country of origin, Census figures, whatnot) to give a different colour to the elections and try to brainwash the illerate Indians. But they know far better than to pay heed to such cheap tactics. But our dear netas never learn.

I have one strong reason for the different approaches of the politicians here and in US. It boils down to education. The senators there are mostly lawyers and/or Ivy league educated guys. So, Ofcourse, they have the intelligence, guile and effectiveness when it comes to moulding the public opinion. In India, its just so basic. One can of course take heart from guys like Milind Deora, Sachin Pilot, Jhindal guy and Jyotiraditya Scindia, who make compelling public speakers. Its not a fluke that all of them are very well educated.

May be the Indian politician can take some lessons from his US counterpart or even the younger lot.
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