Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Arthur Dent - "It is at moments like these that I wish I had listened to what my mom said, when I was young"

Ford Prefect - "What did she say?"

Arthur Dent - "I dont know. I didnt listen"

Can anyone get goofier and as absurd as this in a book about the earth, the universe and everything? It is just unbearably funny. The book, H2g2, reminds me so many times of Catch 22, though, both are vastly different, in story and treatment. Cant wait to finish h2g2. What abets my joy of reading this book, is the fact that I have heard the book in serial radio recording of BBC. The actors are awesome and the production is superb. While I read, to my utter delight, I recall the intonations and the histrionics of the actors, yet true to the English way of underplaying and understating everything. In fact, the book was written for BBC radio dramatization in a serial form and then finally, DNA put it together in a book. There are many versions of the story, but certain similarities ( I think the ending). Will delve deeper and find out.

Anyway, I need to do something about other books that I started and left by the wayside - Three men in a Boat and Lord of the Rings. Will catch up on "Three" after H2G2.Would want to write a decent review of H2G2, not that it needs my stamp of approval, but just to put all my thoughts about the book in one place. May be after I complete reading this book. At the pace that I am going, this might be soon.

I even have downloads of other Adams' gems - The Restaurant at the end of the Universe, Mostly Harmless and others you can find here. Of course, you will need a Babel Fish in your eye to translate the page for you. But dont worry. Some random clicking on the page, will take you to whereever you want to be on the Hypergalactic Space time Continuum
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