Wednesday, November 24, 2004

A Must Marriage

Yesterday was Arti Parekh's wedding. Gatecrashed it actually as I didnt have any invite. But only reason was to meet DJ college mates after a long time. Havent made a real effort to get back in touch after I came back, so it was a nice get-together. Savla, Kapil, Tanna (all with spice), Supriya, Nainesh were there. Most havent changed. Supriya is still as she was - tall, Tanna with his zulfien more pronounced this time round. The wedding was a grand affair as expected.

Seems that everyone who hasnt been hitched until now, are getting hitched this year and that puts me in an akward position. Everyone goes "When are you getting married?". Well, we are looking (we as in family. YOu know that in India, a family marries another family), but its not easy. Easy for some may be, but not for me. Anyway, the point I am trying to make is that this there is tremendous peer and family pressure to conform to what the society wants. I agree to the need to settle down, but what forces everyone to raise their eyebrows and more, to arrive at some hasty conclusions and dispense instant judgements, when a person doesnt follow the norm! And esp when the departure from norm, is as insignificant as pushing the marriageable age 1-2 yrs further.

Thats enough about cutltural policing. Work's going to get hectic. New project, tight deadlines. New bottle, white old wine. Still, I need to brace myself for some rough weather ahead. Back to the days of nightouts and no weekends? Who knows.

Watch this space.
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