Thursday, November 25, 2004

What's the good bird?

Yesterday, saw an amazing sight. Just outside Accenture boundary wall, is a mighty old tree. It was almost dusk, so, couldnt make out exactly, but looked like banyan or pipal. Anyway, suddenly heard screeching noises coming from that tree. I looked up and saw a whole pandemonium. Now a pandemonium is a group of parrots. All green of course and a whole lot of them. To see them, in such large numbers in an un-environment friendly city like Mumbai and moreover, on one tree right next to a large industrial complex (Godrej) was pretty amazing.

Wish I could see it in slightly better light to be able to count the exact number of parrots. But then again, I think, the parrots had made the tree their nesting place and wouldnt be there during day time.

As regards to bird-watching, we stay on the ground floor and have some plants/trees along the periphery of our home. So, pretty much used to seeing some exotic birds now and then. There is a guava tree and parrots are a regular guest during summer. As far as other birds, I am going to try to learn the names of atleast the fairly widely seen ones and expand my avian vocabulary beyond crows and sparrows.

The old lady at Tambda Surla surely has inspired me.
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