Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The vote is in

Am home today. Life is Cough. Anyway, have been following the election results of US. When the counting was almost 70% complete, Bush was leading by about 20 electoral votes. Then suddenly Kerry caught up with him and was just 8 votes behind. This is just when about 20 more electoral votes remain to be counted. Democrats take purple heart. Seems like a tight call. Will go on later to catch the latest update.

Still looks like the US people have so few (just two) parties to choose from. Especially, when you have people of so many ethnicities, it surely will not ensure that your voice is marginalised by the essentially White, rich Harvard/Yale educated and corporate owned/controlled representatives of Democratic/Republican party. Why, in the land of the free, are there just so less choice about who will go on to lead the country.

Anyway, if Bush wins, I reckon, its going to continue US' downward image spiral amongst the nations. Its role as the World Police (Team America) is already being questioned and a genuine hatred (not dislike) for US and what it stands for has emerged even amongst the moderate nations. US would do well to realise that Muslims is the largest religious community in the world and to antagonise a population in one location, may lead to mushrooming of more terrosists elsewhere. The paranoia that Bush and his cronies have cultivated just to finally justify the correctness of their War in Iraq (no links to Al Qaida, but look, he was making WMD) is not good for any semblance of normalcy (esp with the economy and deficit not looking good at all). Stability is what the new President (even if its Bush) should aim for, and he may even wan to read H2G2 - at least the title (I know Bush is not into reading thing) - Dont panic. Atleast dont create it.
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