Monday, February 28, 2005

Trying times

One of my collegues here suffered a major fall on Thursday. He had climbed an iron pillar (the kind you see supporting overhead rail wires) in our car park shed to retrieve a shuttlecock stuck at the top. He managed to collect it, but on his way down, his leg slipped, he couldnt latch on, and fell down about 20 feet.

Right now, he is admitted in hospital with severe head concussion just above the eye. He is under medication, unconscious and his swelling refuses to diminish and so doctors cannot investigate the extent of damage. They can't even operate properly till that time. His parents are no more and his brother arrived just yesterday (from distant Bihar).

I don't know what's going to happen. Collegues have been going to check on his progress. But he continues to remain critical.

It would be easy to dissect the accident and analyze what went wrong (security should be alert, have badminton kit available in liberal numbers and not to take foolish risks) but it is a lesson learnt the dreadful way.

I just hope and pray he recovers completely from the accident.
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