Sunday, November 19, 2006

Casino Royale - Review

Saw Casino Royale at Inox, Nariman Point. What's the point of charging of 180 Rs. per ticket, if you can't install mobile-phone jammers in the movie-hall. Moreover, outside food items are not allowed in. Not that it's much, but the theater authorities aren't concerned about the patrons getting back their stuff. The exit is a different route and most of us, obviously, forgot about our food-items.

Anyway, the spin machine has ensured that the James Bond gets the most favorable plug in the media. I remember reading one of the reviews which claimed that Tomorrow Never Dies was the best Bond film over. I didn't think so after I saw the movie. Just before a Bond movie release, you have flush of articles, claiming the latest one is the best.

Again, the reviews for Casino Royale have been glowing, but, I am afraid, the movie was a let down. Especially in the later part. Daniel Craig is certainly awesome as Bond. But the story after interval, just didn't make sense. Even the poker game sequence stretched for a tad too long.

Eva Green as Bond heroine was a big disappointment. No sex-appeal whatsoever. Fortunately, two movies I caught on video, Sin City and Pyaar Ke Side Effects, more than raised my spirits.
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