Monday, November 06, 2006

Don - Review

Probably, I might be the last person on earth to have caught Don (sacrilege - Don ko padakana mushkil..), but Diwali vacation, coupled with wife's exams, meant I had to stay away from theatre for about a month. Have missed Pyaar ke side-effects, Dor and Jaan-e-mann.

I loved Don. I loved Shahrukh Khan. It was note-worthy to see how quickly he established the menace in Don 's character. I am not a big fan of SRK, but the performance was very consistent and commendable.

Critics have complained that Farhan Akhtar has tried to be over-smart by not sticking to the script. Goes to show how you can't please them all. When you want to criticize something, you can turn even a positive attribute to a negative one. People have even praised the campiness of the old-one. Cmon, the new Don has hardly any chinks in the armor. If Farhan had stuck to the old Don, then there would hardly be any surprises and thrills in store for us.

Farhan finishes off the story as in the first Don, almost half-way through the film and then throws his own twists and turns in the next. The film flagged only for a few moments, but otherwise, it was tight and captivating.

I am still not able to find any loop-holes in the complex plot. People have complained that there was less of Vijay. Well, given the new story-line, Vijay didn't have much scope, did he ;-)?

The sfx weren't tacky unlike other Hindi films (the ski-dive was the highlight).

There is not one scene that stands out, but to be a taut thriller is an achievement in itself. The new Don cheekily adds a twist to the famous line "Don ko pakadanA mushkil hI nahI, nAmumkIn hai"
and makes it even more substantive.

I think, Farhan Akhtar has redeemed himself.
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