Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Sholay of Hype

RGV has taken hype-generation to ridiculous levels, especially with the remake of Sholay. I don't see any reason, why his spin factory should plug the smallest of news (about New Basanti, Sholay Diary and now news about Abhishek Bachchan straining his vocal chords)? .

It would be very embarrasing if it were to flop miserably. So, many of his movies from the Factory, though very high on innovation and buzz factor, sink without a trace (Darwaza Band Rakho, Naach, Shiva, Darna Zaroori Hai) and there could be another major ignominion on his way.

With the new story go get around the copyright suit (RGV stories get made-remade on the sets, so much so that he might be remaking RGV's Sholay right now), there is as much relevance to the old one, as Once upon a time in the West or Seven Sumarai had to the original Sholay.

So, Ramu, stop the comparisons and get on with telling a fresh story.
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