Thursday, November 02, 2006

Kherlanji - fence sitter

War has broken out over blogosphere over the Kherlanji massacre. The story is really really disturbing (read it here) and I wonder why most of the media has blacked it out for almost a month.

It's a shame on all these political parties who claim to fight for Dailt rights and empowerment, have not even spoken up about the episode.

Anyway, the sparring on the web is about photos about the rape and massacre should have been published or not. Frankly, for me, the story itself was so shocking, that I found it hard to breathe. I read Gaurav's scathing attack on photo-publication, before I actually saw the photos. I agreed with him.

But, now I read Shivam's response and I am not so sure. Would so many of us have known about the sickening act, were it not for the photos? True, there is bit a voyeurism, but it makes you aware what a heinous crime it was.

I would have liked it more if people understood the horror, without someone having to use such devices.
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