Thursday, November 23, 2006

Less Do It

Holy Cow! Dirty how!

When it bathed in the polluted Ganges.

The sins of others will permeate you now

As the water turns murky, down Himalayan Ranges

Hole in the Ozone, Hole in the World

I love to sing the Buy-Buy Coda

Consumption is making us dizzy and whirl

I want to show the neighbour my new Skoda

A rain-forest a day, wiped clean,

Houses to build, more trash to read

All we want is money, our only green

The more you hunger, when more you feed

Tsunamis and hurricanes, earthquakes and floods

Nature messed with, back with a vengeance

So many flowers nipped in their buds

Can we act sane, just for once?

The last I was in the woods was in my dreams

The sense of awe, so profound.

More I rush, the farther it seems,

The less I want, more spoils abound

Take it slow, is what I learnt

Money shouldn't make us pawn.

What if all we have gets buried or burnt

In a flash, all that we have... gone.

My submission to this year's poetry contest at work. Results will be out next week.

I won last year

Update -Dec 21 - I lost this year
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