Tuesday, November 14, 2006

An Idea can screw your life

A number of us are not aware that the promotional messages the mobile companies send us daily, are an invasion of privacy. The expectation from consumer to opt out rather than opting for the service smacks of high-handedness and bullying on the part of the mobile operators. I own the mobile number and pay the rental and other charges, so why should I suffer unsolicited telephone marketing calls or smses. Promotional smses are still not illegal in most of the US (it is in Arizona), but its an intrusion and a disturbance and should be strictly regulated. Most people think that unsolicited text messages should be made illegal

I registered to the Do Not Disturb facility of Idea a few months ago. But the promotional smses (restaurant deals, jewellery promotions, tone downloads) continued to come. I called up Idea Cellular last month to stop the service. They said, it will be discontinued from 7th of this month. Nothing. Apparently, none of the systems work properly.

Finally, I made a complaint to Consumer Redressal, Idea Maharashtra. Having a lawyer in the house helps add weight to your complaint.

I have got an apology from the guys, but I am still thinking, of sending a legal notice.
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