Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Where's the party tonight?

On Monday, we had a party at Rajwada, Pune. The party contributors were many and reasons different - awards, offshore return, wedding and so on.

Since everyone thought we needed to have a different party (not repeat the DJ-food routine), we decided to have games and food. I was given the responsibility of putting together the games. Already we were 40+ and it was my first shot at hosting an event.

We started with modified spoons and marbles in which, we need to involve all the members of a team. But, with so many people involved, it was just getting difficult to control. Somehow, we managed to get this game started. But half the people did not understand the rules and ran only half the race. Anyway, it was imperative to move to the next one quickly to keep the crowd under control. However, a few of them went away to get their kicks.

The game was to hit a guy in a helmet with table tennis balls. Team with most hits wins. This game turned out quite well. But meanwhile the drunks were back. The commotion started again and it became difficult to get the hooligans under control.
Still we managed to have a quiz round, burst-the-balloon with your backside, and dumb charades round.

Finally, it was some dance music on a laptop, that was the saving grace. Though there was no DJ, I managed to dance the night away.

Did some juggling with boiled eggs. My first performance on a public platform. Would like to do it properly with lots of practice. Before my limbs give up on me.
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